Genesis Museum of Creation Research

The Genesis Museum of Creation Research was the first Creation Research Museum in the UK. Originally based in Norfolk, it is now being transferred to the more-central Shropshire.

Original Museum

The Genesis Museum of Creation Research (originally the Genesis Museum of Creation) was originally founded by Joseph Hubbard after a particularly successful fossil-hunting trip to Dorset! What started as a shelf on display led to a table-top display, and eventually a several-table display within an extension of the family home. Visitors from local churches would visit, and the museum continued to grow with every fossil-hunting trip and fossil purchase.

Creation Research

In 2014, Joseph began working with Creation Research in the UK. Soon afterwards, the Genesis Museum of Creation became the Genesis Museum of Creation Research – joining forces with an international ministry. It became the first Creation Research museum in the UK, and the collection grew enormously. With Joseph Hubbard joining Creation Research part time in 2017, then full time in 2019, the museum collection boomed, and the Creation Research UK Museums Project was born.

COVID and Relocation

With the GMCR being housed in the family home, the museum collection very quickly outgrew the space available. There was also a practical issue, with Joseph travelling a lot, and being unable to show visitors around – something that was necessary with the museum’s layout.

With the COVID pandemic hitting early 2020, the museum was shut down. At this point it was decided to shift the museum’s location from Norfolk to the more central Shropshire. The Creation Research UK Museums Project team is currently working on a new building for the GMCR, watch this space!