The Life, Faith, and Impact of Queen Elizabeth II

By Joseph Hubbard With Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral happening later today, many people have asked Creation Research to give their opinion on her majesty, the monarchy in general, and her Christian faith, as well as the future of the monarchy, as it continues with King Charles III. So, what I thought I’d do, is runContinue reading “The Life, Faith, and Impact of Queen Elizabeth II”

Creation Research On Air!

Creation Research is taking off in the USA, with Dr Glenn Wilson now heading up the ministry, based in Tennessee. He recently hosted a variety of speakers on his local radio show, including guests from Creation Research around the world. You can listen to them below!

Easter Questions & Answers

Welcome to Easter Questions & Answers from Creation Research. The subject of Easter, its purported pagan origins, how long Jesus was in the grave and the relevance of traditional customs is often a hot and divisive issue. So join the Creation Research team as they take you through some common topics, questions and objections.

Buried Alive!! Crocodiles found in phosphate give evidence to the Biblical Flood.

  Morocco is one of the best places in the world for fossils and one of the best places in Morocco is the Kem Kem Basin, Khouribga. Especially for aquatic fossils, The Kem Kem basin is a massive bone bed made up of mineral phosphates (usually derived from bone) and it is the largest phosphoriteContinue reading “Buried Alive!! Crocodiles found in phosphate give evidence to the Biblical Flood.”

Fossil teddy bear!?!?

  Have you heard that fossils take millions of years to form? Well, one of our more unusual exhibits at the Genesis Museum of Creation is challenging this assumption, and rather effectively too. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Rockie, our fossil teddy! Now then, how do we solve this dilemma? Either T’rex was a wimp whoContinue reading “Fossil teddy bear!?!?”

Dinosaurs and the Bible- how do they fit?

The evolutionist’s biggest mascots are the dinosaurs. Everywhere you look, in the media, museums, schools, even picture books for toddlers, we see the unrelenting message that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. However, the Genesis Museum of Creation is bringing the Truth to the public. Did you know that; Dinosaur fossils could never survive for millionsContinue reading “Dinosaurs and the Bible- how do they fit?”